With 20 years of experience in local recruitment, our team are ready to take the next step. CBISC employes highly motivated and competent professionals who have long years of experience in the manpower contracting operations gained from reputable companies. All service personnel will be deployed by CBBISC to various clients to undergo rigid training at the company training center which is conducted by our Service Trainers under strict supervision of our technical support group

Corporate Philosophy


CAM BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL STAFFING CORP is a business firm that is established to provide manpower contracting services. It is commited to make available, within the reach of public and private institutions, commercial establishments and industrial companies, quality personnel who are competent, dependable and highly trained.

Trust Worthy

CAM BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL STAFFING CORP. prides itself to employ honest, trustworthy and dedicated personnel who have been technically trained in their field of specialization prior to actual deployment. It is commited to continously employ highly motivated and skillful individuals who could perform well ass a team and are able to serve the needs of its customers with maximum reliability.

Social Commitment

CAM BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL STAFFING CORP. commits to provide reasonable compensation, benefites and incentives, safe working conditions, opportunity for career advancement and to give due recognition to those loyal and commited personnel who excel in their actual endeavor and performance.

Corporate Values

Working Nucleus

The people who steer the company's mission to its objective course are team-spirited professionals with credible years of training and experience in the service contracting industry.

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